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The Ultimate ONE is designed for open spaces, windy conditions and those who like incredible volume with digital quality at their fingertips. The Ultimate ONE was the first electronic caller available with a built-in decoy system. This unit also includes 1 full year of FREE unlimited access to our sound library - download sounds at no extra cost as soon as they are available!

The Ultimate ONE includes everything you need into one single package! When you purchase this unit the only thing you need to buy is a 9V battery for the remote and you are ready to hit the field...

Durability, reliability and battery life (in all weather conditions) are just a few of the things that you will not have to worry about with any of our units. All of our products reature the O ring seal allowing you to hunt in the rain and snow without having to worry about damage to the unit in any way!

  Included in this package:
5 year manufacturer warranty
Unit is fully decorated in Mossy Oak Brush
Long range remote control with raised button keypad - operates on a 9-volt battery - (NOT INCLUDED)
12V sealed lead acid battery
2 stage/12V wall charger - a $19.95 value!
CF Card reader - access, rearrange, add/delete etc. sounds on your memory card!
Weighs under 5lbs with battery installed
100 sounds loaded
Includes 1GB Compact Flash - Removable and Upgradeable BY THE USER!
External Audio Jack (External Speaker)
Audio In Jack (MP3, CD, Tape Player)
Charging Jack. Auxiliary Jack (Decoy, Game Camera)
1 year of free sound downloading at www.minaskaowners.com
Made in USA

Our remote control is one of the most reliable and user friendly controllers available. The control fits easily in your hand and with the raised button membrane you can operate the remote by sliding your finger over the buttons without even looking at them. Works great in the coldest of temperatures even with gloves on!

When you turn the remote on it defaults to BANK 0 and is at zero volume. You simply press 0-9 which corresponds to the sounds loaded on the unit. Example - 003 Baby Bluejay - you would push 3 to start the sound and volume up to the desired volume. You can pause the sound, turn the decoy on/off and change banks as well as change sounds within the bank without having to stop the sound and restart the new sound. At the end of a sound it will automatically start the same sound over from the beginning of the sound until you change sounds or pause the unit. To change banks for example from 0 to 5 you press the "BANK" button and 5! You do not have to pause the sound or do anything else to change banks. Now you would be in BANK 5 with a whole other group of 10 sounds to pick from (050-059 on the sound list) - the sound is still playing through the bank change!

  Full-function remote activates the sounds and operates the decoy from up to 400+ yards (under ideal conditions)
  Glow in the dark numbers and letters allow for easy hunting at night - 30 minutes in the light produces 8 hours of glow time!
  Raised buttons produce something you can feel even with gloves on and very quiet when pushed
  Lanyard loop allows a user to attach the remote to his/her favorite lanyard for hands free hunting.
  10 easily accessible banks of 10 sounds. It is like have 10 sets of 10 favorite sounds to pick from! Very easy to change cards in the field for more than 100.

Access 100 digitally recorded sounds with no more than 3 button pushes - single button push when in the same "BANK"

  Operates on a 9V battery

You can customize your call sequences to any length. Our sound library is full of calls proven to be deadly on coyotes, elk, bear, bobcat, cougar, snow geese, fox, crow, white-tailed deer, wild boars, raccoons and turkeys just to name a few.
The Ultimate ONE is designed to include everything you could possibly need all into one single package without any extras that have to be added for extended battery life or external speakers for more volume. This unit has it all...extreme volume in the front and superior sound quality from the cone in the back. The decoy is built in for deadly results on coyotes and cats alike. With the sound source coming from the exact location as the movement of the decoy and the remote control allowing you to put that caller out in front of you, play the wind in your favor and run everything from a distance...you will get away with having to move a little to the left to get the shot, or pulling up the gun and moving the shooting sticks that you couldn't do without it!
Extreme battery life is something that is very important and even more important when you are not close to a place to recharge the unit. If necessary however the battery in this unit can easily be changed out in the field as can the memory card if desired!.
Reliability - day in and day out this unit will perform even in the toughest of conditions.
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Here is our Library of Sounds currently offered. You will have full access to the entire library for a full year! You can download sounds from http://www.minaskaowners.com for an entire year without having to pay for each sound or purchase packs of sounds. We are always adding new sounds to our library!
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