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Do All Traps

Do All Traps MegaBoom STS Polycarbonate MB150

Product Code : 855576005214


Mfg Item #: MB150

The MegaBoom STS (Supersonic Target System) is a pressurizing device that allows you turn ordinary 1 or 2 liter plastic bottles into a multi-platform reactive target. You supply the air source (bicycle pump, air compressor, dive tank) to pressurize the bottle, and MegaBoom STS's air valve with a built-in polycarbonate target stand is ready. The impact of a projectile causes the bottle to rip at a supersonic speed, resulting in a small sonic boom (up to 150dB) that can be heard up to three-quarters of a mile. The bigger the bottle, the bigger the boom. Putting a small amount of corn starch or flour in the bottle 'adds a cloud to the loud' for visual effect. MegaBoom is easily cleaned and is dishwasher safe. The MegaBoom STS includes the threaded receiver and O-ring on a clear polycarbonate base and the Ballistic Safety Bag for use when pressurizing the bottles. The MegaBoom is reusable and lasts for hundreds, maybe thousands, of normal shots from airguns, rifles, and crossbows. Made in the USA.

SeriesSTS Polycarbonate
Ammo TypeAll
Mount TypeStand
Target ColorClear
Auto ResettingNo
Impact EnhancementExplosion

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